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    • Fur Is Green
      At a time when we are all trying to be conscious of how our lifestyles affect nature, fur is an excellent choice. Like leather, suede and shearling, fur is a natural product, a true gift of nature…
    • Truth About Fur
      Bringing together top authorities from every sector of the North American fur trade to answer your questions and provide accurate information about this remarkable heritage industry.
    • Fur and Freedom: In Defense of the Fur Trade
      Nobody has succeeded in explaining why it is wrong to farm animals for their fur, but acceptable to farm them for their meat, or why the wearing of fur-coats is so heinous compared with the wearing of leather shoes.
    • Animal Welfare
      In North America, about 95% of the people eat and wear products from animals. Worldwide, we use animals in many ways: for food, clothing, companionship, medical and scientific research and transport. Animal welfare is a top priority for mink ranchers in the U.S.
      -American Mink Council
    • Fur Commission
      Furbearing animals have been raised on farms in North America since shortly after the Civil War. Today’s farm-raised furbearers are among the world’s best cared-for livestock.
      -Fur Commission USA
    • 2015 Fur Gift Ideas For Her
      Are you looking for a gift that will really stand out? A luxurious indulgence that lets them know how truly special you think they are? If you checked yes on any of these boxes, then it’s time to think outside of the box and give serious consideration to our 2015 fur gift ideas.
      -Fur Insider
    • Street Style: The Many Bright Furs of Fashion Week
      This Fashion Week, when we weren’t busy gawking at the incredible array of less-than-sensible footwear on the slushy streets, we were eyeing the lavish furs that adorned the more weather-conscious of the fashion set.
      -New York Magazine
  • Why Men Should Invest in Shearling This Fall
    Trade up from that trusty-but-pedestrian puffer to a luxe shearling jacket—from labels like Coach, Tom Ford and Hermès—the guy’s-guy way to wear fur.
    -The Wall Street Journal